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Rig up Services and Supplies

Turn Key Rig Up Services
· AC or DC Style Drilling Rigs
· Onshore or Offshore Applications
· Any Horsepower Ratings
· Competitive Prices on Material
· Experienced Installation Technicians
· Quote All-Inclusive Price and Stand Behind It
· Capable of Wiring All Aspects of Your Drilling Rig Equipment
· Large Crews Available to Tackle Big Jobs Quickly
· Available To Work Anywhere in The World
· Engineering Services To:
· Size Cables for Load
· Determine Cable Lengths from Rig Layout Drawing
· Upgrade Specs to Meet High Ambient or Low Temp Applications
· Knowledge of Hazardous Area Requirements Per API 500 RP
· Adhere to Electrical Codes for NEC, IEEE, and API Where Applicable

Field Services
· Rig Up / Rig Down Support
· Experienced Field Service Technicians
· Multiple Stocked Field Service Trucks
· Anywhere Anytime Service Support
· Competitive Service Rates
· Keep Commonly Consumed Spare Parts in Inventory
· Capable of Handling Long Term Projects
· Lead Electrician Can Hire Local Electricians on Out of Town Jobs to Keep Costs Down